Zoila friendii jeaniana aurata

jeaniana aurata is one of the very rare sub species of jeaniana to be found only in very deep water with ROV.

The jeaniana sub species group are from the central Western Australian coast around Dampier in the North to Geralton in the South. They are collected by divers at depths between 30 - 60 metres or have been trawled by fishing boats up to 150 metres. The very rare aurata form was originally only known to be found by Taiwanese fishing boats at depths between 150 - 250 metres but they are now being collected by remote operational vehicles.


jeaniana jeaniana

jeaniana sherylae

jeaniana aurata

jeaniana kostini

jeaniana thalamiga


#S685 jeaniana aurata -

77.5mm, F++/F+++ (no scars),

Western Australia. $750

#S689 jeaniana aurata -


81mm, F+++(fresh dead),


Western Australia. $1,100

GEM QUALITY = $1,800+

#S687 jeaniana aurata -

85.5mm, F+++(fresh dead),

Western Australia. $1,000 sold




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