Please Note: All shells have faults - finding these faults depends on the magnification you use to detect them and consequently all grading of our specimens is done with the naked eye only.


- are absolutely perfect specimens. No visible flaws and are adult with fully formed teeth.
- have a very minor flaw or blemish almost undetectable.
- have a noticeable minor flaw or blemish eg. sand inclusion or minor polish blemish.
- have a number of minor flaws, blemish's or chips or a growth scar.
- have a number of very noticeable flaws or a major growth scar or a number of blemishes, a big chip or chips - numerous flaws.
F (fine)
- have very noticeable growth scars, flaws, blemishes or bigger chips or numerous small chips or a combination of major flaws.
G (good)
- have major imperfections - large chips, broken spires, unsightly growth scars, loss of gloss or color, are juvenile or numerous smaller faults.
* The grading of a shell is very personal and subjective i.e. what is a minor flaw to one person is more than minor to another. I will describe in detail any faults a shell may have if required. On my rare shells I can detail any faults and provide extra photos if required.

* Please Note: Grading of specimens is done on the shell only, whether the shell was alive or dead when found, in my opinion is irrelevant. If a specimen is Gem quality - what does it matter whether it was alive or fresh dead when found, it is still a Gem quality specimen. If a dead collected shell has wear and tear consistent with being tumbled in the ocean I will call it 'beached' or dead collected.

* It is almost impossible to obtain some shells in "Gem" condition because of there rarity or the detrimental habitat in which they live or their delicate construction, or the way they are collected (trawled in nets) so a slightly imperfect beautiful shell will not detract from your collection.

* Note that shell polish refers to the lustre of the shell it does not infer that the shell has been artificially polished, all shells sold have natural lustre.

* Please note that shells listed, are available at the time of this site being loaded. My stock is changing daily so I cannot guarantee your request will still be available. In some species I have at present listed only one shell but there may be numerous shells available under that name, ranging in quality and price, so please dont hesitate to enquire about a specimen, and I will provide full details on availability, price and quality.


Please contact me if you have a collection or special shells you would like to sell or exchange as I am always interested in adding to my collection.



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