Zoila rosselli


A stunning Zoila group, a completely black patterned specimen (rosselli satiata) is highly sought after by collectors. Most specimens have a small white dorsum window (rosselli rosselli). Collected by divers from 25 - 45 metres from Point Quoba in the North to the Recherche Archipelago on the Southern Western Australian coast.

This is another Zoila family which normally has flaws, from chipped canals, growth scars and the most common problem being white polish blemishes that are very noticeable against the black background.


rosselli rosselli

rosselli satiata

rosselli edingeri


#S726 rosselli satiata - 50.5mm, Gem,


Western Australia. $850 sold

#S724rosselli satiata - 50mm, F+++,

Western Australia. $550 sold

#S722rosselli satiata - 51mm, F+++,

Western Australia. $850 sold



#R01 rosselli - 47.8mm, F++ (minor faults only), Western Australia. Beautiful dark specimen. $200

#R02 rosselli - 50.5mm, F+++, Western Australia. $350 sold


#R03 rosselli - 47.5mm, F++ (polish blemishes, no scars), Western Australia. $180

#S102 rosselli - 58.6mm, F++/F+++ (columellar polish lines), Western Australia. $150 sold


#S734 rosselli satiata - 57mm, F+++ (tiny hole), Western Australia. $275 sold

#R04rosselli satiata - 62mm, F+++, Western Australia. Big solid specimen with broad flared calloused margins, this form very rare. $1,800


#R05rosselli satiata - 58.5mm, F+++, Western Australia. Beaut broad flared margins, this form very rare. $2,500 sold


#S35 rosselli - 55.5mm, F++ (nose chipped, scar near nose), Western Australia. $125
#S38 rosselli - 55mm, F++ (rough nose, polish inclusions), Western Australia. $150
#S39 rosselli - 47.7mm, F++ (numerous margin and base polish blemishes), Western Australia. $110
#S728 rosselli - 52mm, F++ (polish blemishes, canal chip), Western Australia. $250
#S730 rosselli - 46mm, Gem-, Western Australia. $350

#S732 rosselli - 60.3mm, F++/F+++ (tiny polish blemishes), Western Australia. $380


#S34 rosselli satiata - 52.8mm, F++/F+++ (slightly rough polish just down from dorsum in side photo), Western Australia. $500

IF GEM = $1,200

#S37rosselli satiata - 50.4mm, F++/F+++ (2 minor fine scars and tiny sand inclusion), Western Australia. $500
#S40 rosselli satiata - 52.1mm, F++(dorsum scar), Western Australia. $250



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